Tuesday, September 25, 2007

rem and her pink bannooo.

i thought that i would try posting a short video and picture.

Friday, September 7, 2007

testing my skills at loading pics

recent thoughts on art.

I had this idea come to me as I was looking at a drawing that I had done recently. The thing is that it really isn’t any huge break through; it was just something that I hadn’t realized. The idea is this: Drawing from the figure and drawing a figure from a photo/image aren’t the same. You cannot possibly get the same result. The live figure has a true sense of space around them that cannot be felt from a photo. Cropping and creating drawing from live space is much more intensive than using the cropping that is given in a photograph. The light changes, adjusting shadows, the model moves, altering the angle and shadow that was once true.

Following that logic, painting from a photo/in studio versus painting plein air has the same result. I have a tendency to rotate my canvas / photo to paint edges differently, to make painting certain angles easier, etc. That is not a possibility on site. It is easier to eliminate subject matter from a photo, the painting source doesn’t move with the wind or change where it is grazing. When painting plein air, you have to create the cropping that a photo normally would. Colors are easier to mix in studio under a controlled light. The controlled light makes it different. It isn’t necessarily better, just a different form of art. I don’t think that anyone would argue that some of the paintings by Warhol or Pollock are any less relevant than a painting done by Sargent or Monet. They are seeking after different results.

All of these things seem like they should be elementary in the basic concepts of art, yet I hadn’t made that connection. My point is this: on some level, painting plein air and drawing live from the model will yield a similar result. Painting and drawing from a photograph will as well. So when I as an artist feel like I love to draw from a live model yet don’t care to paint plein air, there is a certain glaring need to exercise my skills plein air. Anyway…