Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the shoe show

I never did post the pix from the Shoe Show at Evergreen, so here we go:
First of all, here is the announcement:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Springville and Minerva

Last night, Julia and I took Remlee down to Springville to drop off work at the Museum. I'm trying to get my work into the religious show that will be opening in a few weeks. As soon as I get the images off of my camera, i will be sure to post them. Afterwards, we were able to meet up with Gary and Judy in Provo. We went to BYU's Museum of Art to see the Minerva Teichert show. I love to see other artists work! I leave exhibits wanting to incorporate bits and pieces of their work into my own. There is something very polished about the unfinished quality to her Minerva's work. On some level it irritates me because I want the painting to be finished at the same level across the entire painting. On the other hand, it impresses me because she can just let some bit of her painting drop off because it isn't the focal point. I guess that i'm mostly impressed because it is something that i would really struggle with.