Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Big News!

Ok, so I've already posted on the family blog that I've put in my notice at my morning job. It has been just over 9 years there. (terrifying to stop and think about) It has been a good job though. I can't complain as it is where I met Jules and I'm absolutely positive that my life would be a trainwreck without her. It also helped pay for the bills while Jules and I finished college. They have been good to work with me as I've transitioned from full time to part time to no time. I'm absolutely terrified of this decision to quit, but on the other hand, I've never felt so ready and good about this decision. If it were up to Julia, I'd have quit years ago... She seems to have a bit more faith in me than I do. I guess that I would never know if I could really do this if I never made this leap of faith. Sooooo..... Here we go. February 22nd is my last day.

I've got several shows coming up that I'm thrilled about. I'll continue to post them, but the first is in less than a month in Palm Desert. It is a plein air show that I get to participate in. The list of artists invited is short and I have to thank Gary for looking out for me. Art and Soup is coming up at the end of March as well.

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Jeff Bob Pugh...

Holy cow, what a blast from the past. You possibly don't remember me, but I stumbled across your work at one of the galleries a few months ago and wondered what you had been up to. Looks like things are lively and interesting as always. --Jeremy