Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sargent or Bust

Seriously - this has to be one of my favorite paintings. Sargent just nails about every part of the painting from the reflections in the water to the repetition of the figures with the tower in the horizon. Every time that I see the painting I want to get back into the studio. Ahhh Sargent.

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Treen Berg said...

Hi Jeff, just another fan wanting to thank you for the beauty and emotion you create every day.

I fell in love with your paintings last year at Midway's Plein Air Paradise (I am a Midway Art Association Member and participant also). Your paintings were my favs from the show. This evening I stumbled upon your blog while looking for Thanksgiving Point Plein Air posts. How grateful I was to find you again. I spent some time and read throug your entire archives. Lovely. Everything.

I have favs, like your family portrait of the trees and so many of your grazing cows, and had to look at all your gallery showings. Did you really sell the family portrait? :)

Anyways, congrats to you, Julia, Rem, and Ben, to your success and the beautiful life you share together. Hope to see you at Plein Air Paradise again perhaps next year. Take care, trina (